Solutions ZZZ Anti snoring chin strap - Comfortable anti snoring device made of stretchable neoprene

Reference: JN-YFNX-S0GO
  • Solutions ZZZ is the cheapest and effective anti-snoring chin strap on the market
  • Designed to reduce snoring instantly
  • Ready to use: no instructions are required
  • Material is made neoprene, nylon and velcro to fit and to be comfortable: 68 x 6.5 cm to 72 x 6.5 cm
  • 1 year warranty 

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EFFICACY AND SAFETY: The anti snoring chin strap is one of the best validated remedies by clinical trials. The Solutions ZZZ anti snoring aid is one of the the simplest and most effective anti snoring product. With the Solutions ZZZ jaw strap, it is no longer necessary to take pills, decongestants or have surgery! Its material is based on flexible neoprene to fit your head. The manufacture of our anti snoring device is CE certified in Europe and with the FDA in the USA. MODE OF ACTION: This device keeps the jaw closed. By promoting the passage of air through the nose, it reduces the source of snoring: the vibration of the veil of the palate.

NO PAIN: This anti-snoring chin strap is painless and adapts to all forms of head. Our snoring product has been used with satisfaction by many customers on all continents. You can now enjoy a long and quiet night.

OUR SOLUTION FOR YOU: The Solutions ZZZ Kit includes one extensible jaw strap made of neoprene to fit almost everyone. A weekly wash with soap is sufficient. Material: neoprene with aeration. Dimensions: 68 x 6.5 cm to 72 x 6.5 cm.



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