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The team behind Solutions ZZZ

We are a team of two people based in Brussels, Belgium. Passionate about the Internet and e-commerce, we started by writing a blog on anti-snoring solutions, then we developed our own brand Solutions ZZZ in 2017. Given the success of our products, it was obvious to create an online store with our brand and expand our product range.

Our mission is to improve your health and sleep

Solutions ZZZ products are designed to improve your daily life

We offer a wide range of anti-snoring products (mouth guard, nasal dilator, chin strap and complete kit) to allow everyone to find an effective product. We also offer a night guard to stop teeth grinding at night and earplugs for concerts, festivals, clubs, musicians and DJs.

Our products are affordable, efficient and easy to use. Our current offer includes about ten products in the health care sector. This is only the beginning and we will offer you other useful and pleasant products in the future.