Solutions ZZZ Professional Dental Guard [4 PCS 2 SIZES] – Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding, Clenching, Bruxism - BONUS: eBOOK

Reference: DC-128R-XW9A
  • Anti-teeth grinding device, anti bruxism.

  • The kit contains: 4 gutters in 2 perfect sizes for adults, teenagers and children; 1 FREE anti-bacterial box; 1 FREE book on 12 natural remedies to download (EBOOK SENT BY EMAIL); 1 instruction brochure in 4 languages. Be careful, don't let yourself be tempted by the offers[6 PCS] with "double" anti-snore gutters that have no effectiveness against bruxism and tooth grinding.

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NO MORE GRINDING & SLEEP PROBLEMS ! How to fight against fatigue, white night, headaches & jaw ache when teeth grinding? Test the Solutions ZZZ pack that contains 4 ultra-comfort dental guards for teeth grinding, bruxism & teeth clenching. The Mouth Guard is often the first medically-proven treatment from your dentist. It provides great comfort by relaxing jaw muscles, therefore by eliminating bruxism and its related symptoms such as facial muscle/neck/joint/shoulder pains and headache.

COMFORTABLE AND EASY TO USE: Solutions ZZZ remoldable dental night guard is simple and effective solution for bruxism. This thermoplastic mouthguard is custom-fitting and not a cheap one-size-fits-all model. The mouth guard is easily trimmed to fit any mouth size and teeths. The night guard is made of BPA & Latex free medical-grade material.

THE BEST OFFER ON THE MARKET: 4 mouthpieces & 2 sizes; new 2018 model; best price; comfortable & effective for up to 12 months when used daily; 100% 365-day Money Back Guarantee;customer service 24/7. Buy now this RISK FREE Solutions ZZZ product.

THE PACK CONTAINS: 4 GUARDS IN 2 SIZES which are perfect for Adults, Teenagers and Kids; 1 FREE E-Book 12 Natural Remedies against Bruxism (link sent by email) - 1 FREE anti-bacterial case; Instruction leaflet in 4 languages. DON’T BE FOOLED by [4 in 1] or 8 PCS packs as they include “double” SNORING mouthpiece not effective against bruxism & teeth grinding.


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