Solutions ZZZ Earplugs Music [2 SIZES] for parties, concerts, festivals, nightclubs, DJs, ladies

Reference: 3A-HKFP-2AEF
  • Solutions ZZZ earplugs - 2 sizes available

  • Hearing protection for parties, concerts, festivals, nightclubs, DJs - as a gift foam earplugs; 2 PAIRS, carrying case, gift box and free e-book

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BEST INVESTMENT TO PROTECT YOUR EARS AND PREVENT NOISE-HEARING LOSS: Loud sounds and noises can leave a lasting damage to your hearing like tinnitus & noise induced hearing loss

ENJOY THE COMPLETE SPECTRUM OF SOUND: You will enjoy live music at safe levels through a scientifically developed Sound Attenuation Filter without damaging your ears and without muffling effect like foam ear plugs. The Solutions ZZZ ear plugs are tested in Germany and certified to EN 352-2 standards

DISCREET, COMFORTABLE, HYPOALLERGENIC SILICONE: The transparent cone shaped ear protection perfectly fits a range of ear sizes for men and women. Our earplugs are reusable, washable and provide real comfortable long-term use. The extra pair of earplugs will fit smaller ear canals (simply remove the filter and place it in the size that fits best).

THREE BONUS OFFERED: Comes with 1 compact lightweight aluminium container with a carabiner clip and a stylish gift box for the perfect gift; 2 pairs of foam earplugs for better sleep, travelling and blocking snoring; 1 free E-Book (LINK SENT BY EMAIL).



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