Solutions ZZZ Complete Anti Snoring Kit [4 in 1] If you suffer from snoring this is the perfect product for you

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  • COMPLETE ANTI SNORING PACK: the Solutions ZZZ pack contains the best 4 remedies on the internet combined in only one kit. 
  • COMFORTABLE AND EASY TO USE: The anti snoring dental guard with flexible silicone EVA material, without bisphenol A, molds perfectly to your mouth after heating.The BPA-free nasal dilator and nasal strip are comfortable and improve the airflow through your nostrils. The neoprene and nylon band is adjustable and helps to relax the jaw to reduce or eliminate snoring.
  • THE KIT CONTAINS: Anti snoring night guard + storage case + insertion tab + instructions + nose dilator (4 sizes: S / M / L / XL) + storage box + chin strap + nasal strips (10 PCS)

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There is no unique solution to fight against snoring because there are many causes for it. Bad positioning of the chin, jaw or the obstructed airflow in the nostrils are the main causes for snoring. To make it easier for you, Solutions ZZZ has created a unite kit containing the 4 most efficient anti-snoring. The best solution for you must be among these 4 remedies. The manufacture of our kit is CE certified.


1. Silicone MOUTHGUARD without Bisphenol with insertion tab, user manual and free storage case to protect against dust and mold. The anti snoring mouthpiece is a custom mandibular advancement device that holds the jaw, the palate and tongue to promote the airflow and reduce the vibration of the soft palate, cause of the snoring. This is one of the best remedies validated by clinical trials.Its material is based on flexible silicone food grade and EVA. This anti snoring night guard is painless and adapts to all forms of gums and teeth.

2. NASAL DILATOR 4 sizes (S / M /L / XL) BPA free with free storage box to protect from dust and mold. It is a flexible tube that dilates the nostrils, maximizes the airflow through the nostrils and significantly reduces snoring in many snorers. It is a clinically proven, effective and painless solution. Choose one of the 4 sizes that suits you best and insert both tubes gently into your nose. A weekly wash with soap is enough.

3. Adjustable anti snoring CHIN STRAP (68 x 6.5 cm to 72 x 6.5 cm).The anti snoring jaw strap supports the jaw and closes the mouth properly. It is made of neoprene with Velcro to fit all face shapes and sizes. You can wash it before first use

4. Flexible NASAL STRIPS [10 pieces]. They widen the nasal passages so you can breathe easily through the nose while easing congestion and improving the quality of sleep.

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